Arrests under the Common Fisheries Policy. This is something that can occur at any time or indeed at any place. You as the Captain or the Owner have no say as to when either will occur. What is clear that the first 48 hours will determine and shape how the whole detention and potential subsequent prosecution will turn out.

With over forty years of experience in this area Conways solicitors know what the key issues are and what it is that needs to be done in those key first 48 hours. We instantly communicate with the State to ensure that we are aware of all developments. This allows us to stay on top of events as they happen and to make representations at the earliest possible point.

Conways Solicitors provide a 24/7 365 days of the year 26 County service. NO matter where the detention or what the difficulty we can provide an immediate response making full use of those critical first 48 hours.

We provide full representation in every Court in Ireland ourselves.

The minefield that is the Common Fisheries Policy is one of the most complex areas of legal practise. It begs the question how does a Fisherman cope.

We not only know what are the issues that arise but we also know the context within which they happen, the significance of specific events such as an undersized net or a failure to enter information correctly entered in the Log book. These are just some of the issues that arise frequently.

What is equally critical is that you as the Captain or as the owner can contact us when you need and that you are constantly updated as to how your case is progressing.

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