Saftey at sea

With recent tragedies a constant and painful reminder of the nature of the Sea and how merciless she is, both the Marine Survey Office and the Department of Transport have not only commenced a full review of the Safety measures currently in place, they have also commenced a thorough inspection of all vessels. This has direct implications for owners of Sea Going vessels from everything to Basic Safety training to hours worked at sea.

Coupled with this, recent recommendations from the reports into the sinking of the Pere Charles and the Maggie B have seen a focussing of attention on the whole area of safety which will see not only a greater focusing on the area of Safety but will also see new legislation and regulation of the area shortly. This will put the entire sector under more scrutiny and ultimately there will be more prosecutions as a result. Conways Solicitors has already acted in several instances where owners find themselves facing investigations or prosecutions and we can provide you with the guidance that will allow you to steer a course through a potential minefield.