Conways Solicitors provide advices in respect of all aspects of Admiralty Law. Conways Solicitors regularly are involved in dealing with issue surrounding the arrest of vessels. In particular, Conways Solicitors can advise as to how the 1952 Arrest Convention is implemented in Ireland and indeed, how to solve the problem of dealing with a vessel that has been either arrested or indeed, where a client wished to arrest a vessel to secure the quick result either being the prompt and efficient arrest of the vessel or, where faced with an arrest warrant, the effective and timely release of a vessel.

For further information in respect of arresting ships in Ireland, kindly see our article “Arresting a Ship in Ireland”.

Other issues which Conways Solicitors are well versed in dealing with and advising on are acting for P & I clubs and dealing with the various issues that arise in shipping disputes such as salvage and collision disputes and the timetables that specifically imply therein, charter party disputes, bill of laiding etc.

Conways Solicitors also act for P & I clubs in respect of accident and injury claims and dealing with the vagracies of life at sea.

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