Notary Public

In November 2009, Dermot Conway, by application to the Chief Justice of Ireland in the Supreme Court, Four Courts in Dublin was appointed a Notary Public for life in the County of Cork.

He is now in a position to deal with all Notarial matters that may arise.

Such Notarial functions and acts that he would be in a position to deal with range from:

1. Ship protests.

Mr. Conway is an experienced Admiralty lawyer who deals extensively in the area of Maritime matters dealing with such issues as collisions at sea, salvage and the various issues that arise whilst vessels are at sea.

This involves acting on behalf of P & I clubs and owners when dealing with insurance claims.

Mr. Conway is on a position to deal with any issues that may arise for ship owners in respect of the vagrancies of the sea, or indeed, crew members who require the execution of documents and transmission of documentation to their home country.

Mr. Conway can also ensure that a timely and speedy service is such matters as ship protests is given in order to ensure the protection of owners interest and the compliance with the obligations under contracts of insurance to protect legitimate defenses where they arise.

Dermot Conway is in a position to deal with any query that may arise and the following will be the first point of contact.

LoCall 1890 253051

Emergency/out of hours +353 87 – 6793478


Fax: +353 21 4905624

International dial +353 21 490 1000