Container Feeder fails to stop after Collision

On the 9th of April 2011 at 04:53, the MV Philip collided with the FV Lynn Marie and failed to stop or assess if assitance was required. In a report issued by the Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB), in the United Kingdom, there was critcisim as to the level of training and awareness of the International Regulations s for
the Prevention of Collisions at Sea.

The report conlucded that Lynn Marie’s skipper had selected an unqualified wathckeeper. Initially the MV Philip was going to pass clear of the FV Lynn Marie, but after some amendments to the course of the Philip, the two vessels collided. The report describes the incident as serious.

The bow of the Lynn Marie received damage in a scrapping and crushing manner. She was wooden in construction and was scollop deredging at the time of the incident.

The conditions were good with morning twilight, good visibility and the sea was calm.

The MV Philip was 154 meters long with 8971GTs. The FV Marie Lynn was 17.13 meteters and 65gts.

After the crew of the MV Philip did not attempt to contact the FV Lynn Marie.

It was recommended that the owners of the MV Philip would provide their crew with proper training as to the operation of navigation and anto collission aids fitted to its vessels.

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