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Work Visa for Fishermen

As of today the take up on the Atypical Work Visa Scheme that allows non EEA Fishermen, such as those from the Philippines and Egypt has had a very slow take up. The deadline for the take up of this scheme is the 15th of May 2016. I have received many enquiries about both... Read More

Non EEA Workers Work Scheme Active as of the 15th of February 2016

As of the 15th of February you can now apply for a Work Visa under the Atypical Working Scheme. This scheme is administered by the Department of Justice & Equality. It will operate for those non-officer crew working on vessels greater than 15 meters and registered in the Polyvalent, Beamer and specific segments of... Read More

Conways Solicitors successful in Challenge to Penalty Points

Yesterday, the 15th of January 2016, saw the High Court Strike down the penalty points signed into law by Minister Simon Coveney under Statutory Instrument SI 3 of 2014 entitled ‘European Union (Common Fisheries Policy) (Points System) Regulations 2014’. The vessel owner and the Master of the Vessel the Tea Rose (paddy and Cathal... Read More

Work Visa Scheme for non-EEA crewmen for the Fishing Industry

In light of the recent articles in the Guardian Newspaper, which was covered far and wide, the Minister for Agriculture, Food and Fisheries, Simon Coveney TD, led a task force which has published details of a new scheme for work permits for non EEA fishermen working here in Ireland and indeed a scheme that... Read More

Undocumented Fishermen

On Monday the Guardian in the UK published a story about the plight of undocumented workers in the Fishing Industry. The story represented a year long investigation into the practises of owners of fishing vessels in this Country. Many owners were contacted directly by some of the Journalists working the story. The questions were... Read More

Russian Trawler arrested in 1963

The following link shows an insight into the world of 1963 when a Russian Trawler was arrested by an Irish Naval Vessel for fishing inside the 3 mile limit. The Vessel the MFV ‘Paltus’ was arrested and brought into Waterford with Herring on board. What is fascinating is the reference to Iceland claiming a... Read More

Prison and fines of $17million for the Master and Deck officers of the MFV Thunder

On Monday (12th of October 2015) the Skipper and two Deck Officers were sentenced in relation to a range of offences that they were convicted of as the crew of the MFV Thunder. Those charges included Pollution, reckless driving, forgery and negligence. They were handed down 32 month prison sentences each and substantial fines.... Read More

Harbour Dues – a tax without merit

As every Fisherman knows under Fishery Harbour Centres (Rates & Charges) 2003 and 2012 there is a mandatory charge in relation to waste and water every time the vessel enters the Harbour. This of course is not much of a choice as these are the designated Fishery Landing ports. There is no choice. I... Read More