Non EEA Workers Work Scheme Active as of the 15th of February 2016

As of the 15th of February you can now apply for a Work Visa under the Atypical Working Scheme.

This scheme is administered by the Department of Justice & Equality.

It will operate for those non-officer crew working on vessels greater than 15 meters and registered in the Polyvalent, Beamer and specific segments of the Irish Sea Fishing fleet.

Applicants must be working under a contract of employment for not less than 12 months.

There is a two step process in relation to such applications.

Firstly, you must submit the contract of employment along with the Solicitors certificate to the Central Depository.

After that, the application is made to the Irish Naturalisation & Immigration Service in the ordinary way.

Information required:

1. Name of crew member
2. Passport Number and Expiry date
3. Country of Origin
4. Date of Birth
5. Name of Vessel Owner
6. Number of Boats
7. Vessel(s) names, port code and Registration number
8. Solicitors Certification
9. Contract of Employment
10. Copy Sea Fishing Licence
11. Evidence of Qualifications/experience
12. BIM Training
13. EU MS agreement 50%
14. Solicitors Details

Conways Solicitors have already drafted a approved Contract of Employment and the relevant certification for the Department.

For assistance and charges please contact Dermot Conway of Conways Solicitors as follows:

Dermot Conway
contact Dermot at 0214901000 or