Skipper fined £16,000 for falling asleep

Skipper fined £16,000 for falling asleep

At Torquay Magistrate’s Court the Master of the fishing vessel Constant Friend, admitted that his son had failed to keep a proper lookout on board his trawler the Angelina. As a result the trawler crashed into the port of Brixham’s Breakwater.

The incident occurred after he fell asleep.

Other Incidents

In a report in the Herald Express, and reprinted in this is Devon( ) the skipper pleaded guilty. The father of the accused however, complained that similar incidents had not led to prosecutions. He explained that a similar incident happened in June of last year when the watchkeeper of the Brixham crabber Helen Claire fell asleep at the wheel. No prosecution resulted.

Marine and Coastguard Agency

The Marine and Coastguard agency refused to specify why no prosecution was brought in that case. Likewise it was not stated what, if any, action was taken to the Master of the Helen Claire.

The father of the skipper went on to stage that some 20 incidents had occurred without any follow-up.


The Harbourmaster of Brixham port did comment that the owners and crew of the Helen Claire had been formally cautioned following the incident referred to.

In concluding the case the magistrate fined the skipper £16,000.

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