Somali Pirates Highjacks on the Decrease

In a report released by the International Maritime Bureau, who have been closely watching the situation off the coast of Somalia, report that the number of highjacks by Somali pirates have fallen from 49 in 2010 to 28.

However, this is not in any way to suggest that the activity of the pirates has decreased as in fact the number of incidents of attempted highjackings rose from 219 in 2010 to 237 in 2011.

The fall in successful highjacks is being credited with the various Naval patrols that are ongoing, pre-emptive strikes by Naval forces, the use of private armed guards led to the near 50% reduction.

Of note, is that the ransoms are still being paid.

The biggest stumbling block to the attempts and efforts by the international community is the vast distances required to be patrolled in the Indian Ocean.

Worldwide, the incidents of piracy have reduced from 445 in 2010 to 439 in 2011.

The report also states that there was a downturn in the number of crew members taken hostage from 1,181 in 2010 to 802 in 2011.

The same number of crewmembers however were killed in 2010 as in 2011.

Dermot Conway
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