Two boats released without charge

Two Spanish register vessels recently detained at Castletown were released without charge after representations made by, Conways solicitors.

The first vessel had been fishing several days and when boarded by the Navy at sea, was detained as the physical paper logbook was not fully complete. The skipper at the time was relying on his electronic logbook which was fully filled in and had all of the information available.

What is noteworthy is that several member states no longer even examine the paper logbook any more. It is envisaged that later this year on Irish registered fishing vessels will be obliged to operate in the same manner.

The second vessel, was boarded then detained on suspicion of under recording. The vessel was targeting hake and had not completed sorting its days catch. It was argued that the skipper had over half an hour left within which he was entitled to complete is logbook and heads the inspection taken place later the logbook would have been filled in.

All papers were returned to the to skippers in question and the vessel steamed out of Castletown later that Friday.

Dermot Conway
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