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Four Sailors Rescued after Food Poisoning

Four Sailors Rescued after Food Poisoning  In a report in the Seattle Time ( ) , the US Coast Guard rescued four crew members of a sailboat off the north east coast of Puerto Rico. They were subsequently rushed to Hospital after the Skippers distress call was received. They had been fishing at the time... Read More

Europe looks to take up Zero Tolerance on illegal fishing

Europe looks to take up Zero Tolerance on illegal fishing Commissioner Maria Damanaki on her website ( has outlined what she believes must be the central aim of the Common Fisheries Policy. It represents a serious attempt to being together the theree Master Regulations that were published in 2008 and 2009, and which came... Read More

Greek Ship released after $6million ransom paid

Greek Ship released after $6million ransom paid In ongoing difficulties in the area a Greek owned, Cypriot  registered vessel, the MV Eagle has been released.  The vessel which had a crew of 24 on board were held by the Pirates in Somalian waters./p> It is reported ( ) on the website that Piracy is now... Read More

New Zeland Skipper Arrested for Protest

Corrib Protesters not Alone The Skipper was charged after it was alleged that he was operating his Tralwer in an unsafe manner.  The detention arose after a protest at a scheduled Oil Survey. Conways Solicitors Read More

Chinese Captain to be Indicted in Japan

Chinese Captain facing Indictment in Japan It is reported in the Mainichi Daily News, that the Master is now to be proscuted. The report states: The captain was arrested on Sept. 7 on suspicion of deliberately colliding with the Japanese patrol boat Mizuki near the Senkaku Islands, administered by Japan but claimed by China... Read More

Conways Solicitors on Twitter

You can now follow Conways Solicitors on twitter @ConwaysLaw Every time a new Article is posted, a notification will go out on Twitter allowing you to access it direct from your Twitter account. Dermot ConwayCONWAYS SOLICITORScontact Dermot at 0214901000 or Read More

Arson Attack on Fisheries Office

Two men accused of throwing makeshift explosives into the Kaikoura Ministry of Fisheries office had been charged with poaching the day before. Fire Service communications spokesman Daryl Ball said the Fire Service was called to the Beach Rd blaze just before 2.30am on Wednesday. A recently completed police investigation found the blaze was started... Read More

Dealing with Department Officials

In an industry as compact as the Maritime one, it is not possible for situation is not arise where tension and confrontation replaced the ordinary day-to-day smooth running relationships. It is invariable that the individual rather than the public or civil servant will feel most aggrieved. The most important thing that anyone can do... Read More

The bad side of fishing

Fish worth £4m seized in EU crackdown on illegal fishing Catches of octopus, squid, sole, shrimp and grouper, allegedly caught using child labour, impounded in Canary Islands Robert Booth, Tuesday 19 April 2011 19.46 BST The fish were seized after a fleet of canoes were spotted fishing around the Marcia 707, which is... Read More

A real Appeal?

In 2003 the Fisheries (Amendment) Act was added to the ever increasing list of Statutes that have plagued fishermen. This one appeared, at the outset, to be a little different in that it sought to sign Ireland up to the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, created an independent Licensing Authority for... Read More