Container Feeder fails to stop after Collision

On the 9th of April 2011 at 04:53, the MV Philip collided with the FV Lynn Marie and failed to stop or assess if assitance was required. In a report issued by the Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB), in the United Kingdom, there was critcisim as to the level of training and awareness of... Read More

Unfair Harbour Charges?

Harbour Charges Currently there are two different charges which are vexing Fishermen: 1. Water Charges 2. Waste Charges Water Charges At present there is a mandatory charge per vessel under this heading. Statutory Instrument 439 of 2003, Fishery Harbour Centres (Rates and Charges) Order 2003, provides for the levying of a water charge at... Read More

Electronic Log book causes waves

A Spanish Vessel was detained on the 29th of August 2011 for offences relating to the failure to fill in the log book of operations correctly. No other offences were detected and the vessel was brought to the port of Castletown. It transpired that the electronic log book of operations had been fully and... Read More

Two Year Use it or loose it rule runs into further problems

After my recent Article in relation to issues concerning the rule and its operation, I was instructed to challenge the operation of the rule and, indeed, the very legality of the rule in light of its effect and the fact that the European Convention of Human Rights as well as the Charter of Fundamental... Read More

India gets tough on piracy

With the Indian Navy having arrested over 120 pirates in the last 12 months, the government in New Delhi has proposed tough new laws which will give the Navy and the coastguard more powers in dealing with the ever-growing problem with piracy. Kindly India relies on its own people called and the Admiralty act... Read More

Two boats released without charge

Two Spanish register vessels recently detained at Castletown were released without charge after representations made by, Conways solicitors. The first vessel had been fishing several days and when boarded by the Navy at sea, was detained as the physical paper logbook was not fully complete. The skipper at the time was relying on his... Read More

BMW causes RNLI call out

Reported in the Daily Telegraph ( ), a full scale rescue operation was called for by the Welsh Coastguard after an emergency signal was picked up four miles off the coast. A three hour operation ensued which centered around the suspected sinking of a small fishing vessel. The signal was initially detected and then... Read More

Morocco fishing deal ‘poor value for money’

Morocco fishing deal ‘poor value for money’ Study finds that deal is not cost-effective and that agreement could break international law. The European Union’s controversial fisheries agreement with Morocco is the least cost-effective of all the EU’s existing fishing deals with third countries, according to a confidential study submitted to the European Commission in... Read More

Hamburg Rules on Carriers Liability for Damages

On April 22 2010 the Hamburg Court of Appeal ruled on the liability which a carrier must carry when it supplied the a container which susequently transpired to be defective. As a result of Chemical evaporation in the freshly painted containers, the goods were damaged. The goods in question were textiles and were being... Read More

Oil Tanker Sinks

In Bangladeshi port of Chittagon, whilst loading fuel, an Oil Tanker sank. The alarm was raised immediately and a team of divers managed to save the vessel, and thereby reduce the potential environmental damage, by managing to tie the vessel to the jetty. It is reported in the Daily Star ( ), that the... Read More